Kefalonia Beaches

The beaches of Kefalonia are unique in beauty and are considered to be amongst the most beautiful of Greece, and perhaps in the world.

The Beaches of Kefalonia

The beaches extending around the perimeter of the island are many because the length of Kefalonia’s shoreline is quite long. The beaches are not only many in number but differ considerably due to the idiosyncrasy of the landscape of Kefalonia and its variety of geological phenomena.

Here you will find beaches for all tastes. Gently undulating beaches of sand, sometimes reddish, other times golden and others still white are to be found to the south of the island whilst the white pebbly beaches you will find to the north.

There are the crowded organized beaches with umbrellas and chaise-long and others that are unknown and not organized, while some are accessible only from the sea and are in hidden little coves.

The common characteristic of all is the blue-green waters and for most, the blue flag of certification of the European Union.

The beach of Myrtos with its emerald green waters has for many years been voted as the most beautiful of Greece, while it remains steadfastly in the top 10 most beautiful list worldwide. Visitors will assure you that although there are dozens of other beaches on the island that are not as well known, they are just as beautiful.

If you decide to rent a boat you will multiply the already many choices for a swim in Kefalonia. Below we provide a token report of the island’s beaches. The rest you can discover by exploring on your own.