Kefalonia Villages

The traditional and colorful villages of Kefalonia island are known for their architecture, the wonderful surrounding nature, and the unique views of the Ionian Sea.

The Villages of Kefalonia

Kefalonia has a total of 365 settlements and villages strewn across its expanse. Some are perched on mountainsides and others are whet by the sea at a small or large beach, organised or unknown to tourists.

All are unique destination points, scrupulously clean, orderly, with clean architectural lines, because after the 1953 earthquake that leveled almost everything, the Kefalonians embarked on a rebuilding program with their characteristic “kefi” and attention to detail to make their home even more beautiful than before.

The gardens and courtyards of Kefalonia’s villages are packed with flowers. This is where one can come in contact with the spirit of Kefallonia, through the liveliness, the spirit of hospitality and the characteristic bit of “craziness” of the locals, intangible things one cannot perceive at its beaches or while visiting the locations worth seeing on the island.