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Foki Beach

Foki beach is located 47 km north of Argostoli. Foki (meaning seal in Greek) is known for its beautiful landscape with olive trees that slide down to the beach, thus offering natural shade. It is the home of many seals, thus its name.

The area consists of small pebbles with a stunning view to the crystal clear waters. The natural landscape offers relaxing and peaceful moments. On the right side of the beach, a small path leads to a great number of caves and coves that captivate the senses of visitors. The beach is a much-preferred destination for private yachts.

The beach is not organized and there is no water sport center available. It is suitable though for swimming and snorkeling, as the water is very clean and calm and it is also gently sloping, thus is suitable for children.

Right above the beach is a little fish tavern. It is easily accessed within a five minute drive from the picturesque village of Fiscardo.

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