Kefalonia Beaches

Antisamos Beach

Antisamos Beach lies 30 kilometers east of Argostoli, and pretty close to the port of Sami. It is one of Kefalonia’s most popular swimming and sunbathing spots. Awarded with the blue flag, Antisamos is known for its natural beauty, which includes blue waters, white pebble and a stunning backdrop of green hills.

Antisamos is well organized with beach bars, umbrellas and sundecks. Also there is a water sport center available.

It has gained worldwide recognition from the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, where some of the scenes were filmed.

In Sami, it is easily accessible from a beach road. Antisamos is one of the beaches that fascinate most Kefalonia’s visitors. On the way to the bay, the view is breathtaking and once you arrive at the beach the exquisite scenery continues before your eyes.