Kefalonia Villages


Ratzakli is a small and picturesque village in the southeastern part of Kefalonia, which is located between the popular and cosmopolitan village of Skala and the quiet and picturesque fishing village of Katelios. Both of these villages are 2 of the most popular tourist resorts of Kefalonia, and two of the main attractions of the island. Before the great earthquake of Kefalonia, in the year 1953, this village had several inhabitants, but now there are few permanent residents, maybe a little more than a hundred. Ratzakli has a wonderful and unobstructed view to the island of Zakynthos, the Ionian Sea and the bay of Katelios, and has an altitude of 97 meters above sea level.

The name Rajakli comes from the word rajat which means raisin. In the old days, there was a large production of raisins in the village, so large that there were several exports abroad. At that time the village flourished, and this may explain the fact that all the houses in Ratzkli have tiled roofs, which was not at all self-evident in the old days.

In recent years, like the whole island, Ratzakli has experienced great tourist development, as very close to the village there are two wonderful beaches. The nearest beach of the village is Kaminia, which is one of the most impressive beaches of Kefalonia, with clear blue calm waters and golden sand. Caretta – caretta sea turtles find a hospitable shelter on Kaminia beach to lay their eggs. The beach, which is sandy and clean (has a blue flag), has shallow waters and thus is ideal for families with young children. The beach has a beach bar from where one can rent sun beds, but it also has enough space to put one’s own umbrella. Due to the turtles, in addition to the visitors who come to enjoy the beautiful beach, Kaminia gathers many volunteers (mainly youngsters) from all over the world, who come to protect the turtles, many nature lovers etc

Also close to the village is the beach Mounta, a beautiful, quiet, shallow and warm sandy beach, ideal for quiet family vacations. The beach is partially organized and only in 2 places can its guests find umbrellas.

These two beaches attract more travelers than tourists, both because of the caretta-caretta turtles but also because these beaches are the paradise for the most ” demanding” visitors (i.e. those who want to enjoy a quiet vacation in a relaxed, clean and not touristy environment.

In recent years, and due to the tourist development, several small tourist units have been built in the village but also several permanent residences of Kefalonians as well as locals and foreigners, who come to live permanently in Ratzakli.

The church of the village is Ai Giannis (Sharpening of the Holy Head), and on the 28th of each August, which it celebrates, a big festival with traditional music and dances is organized with great success.