Kefalonia Villages

Agia Efimia

Agia Efimia is a very beautiful coastal village of Kefalonia, which is the seat of the municipal unit of Pylaros in the municipality of Kefalonia. It is located opposite Ithaca, and is about 35 km NE. of Argostoli and just 10 km from Sami.

The route from Sami to Agia Efimia is wonderful as the road that leads to Agia Efimia is the only coastal road that is so close to the sea! On one side of the road the visitor will admire small rocky hills while on the other he/she will enjoy the wonderful blue-green color of the sea with the many small coves where someone can enjoy a dive as if you were on a private beach! These “private” beaches are beautiful, with clear and turquoise waters.

Agia Efimia is a beautiful and picturesque port, with comfortable roads and many amenities, since it is very developed for tourism. In the port there is the white church of Agia Efimia, which gave its name to the village. It celebrates on the 11th of July every summer, and on the day of the celebration, but also on the eve, there is a big festival in Agia Efimia with pilgrims and visitors from all over Kefalonia.

Having found traces of an ancient mansion and mosaics of the Roman Period, archaeologists believe that, in ancient times, Agia Efimia was strong both on the shore as well as at sea.

Agia Efimia was the seat of the former Municipality of Pylaros in Kefalonia, and very close to Agia Efimia is the world-famous beach of Myrtos. Visitors to Agia Efimia can see the Monastery in Themata, but also the wind turbines at the top of the mountain of Agia Dynati.

Agia Efimia is one of the cosmopolitan resorts of Kefalonia, with good roads (like many villages and cities of Kefalonia), with quiet streets and lush vegetation. Almost all the yards of the houses are full of flowers creating a feast of colors. Yachts and sailboats from all over the world arrive every summer in the small port of Agia Efimia. The area of ​​Agia Efimia, has everything that makes the stay of visitors pleasant and comfortable. In the village the visitor will find many rooms for rent at affordable prices, as well as beautiful and tidy hotels, supermarkets and meat shops with fresh local products and meat, bakeries with traditionally made bread, many fine restaurants and fish taverns, pharmacy, ATMs, gift shops and souvenirs, etc. In Agia Efimia the prices are reasonable in contrast to other tourist and cosmopolitan parts of the island.

Along the port there are trendy cafes and bars overlooking the boats that give a festive atmosphere to the small port at night, with their lighting. Also, in Agia Efimia, diving enthusiasts will find a relevant office.

With the Natura 2000 program, the Municipality of Pylaros, has created 3 hiking routes – trails, so that the numerous visitors of Agia Efimia can get to know better the beauties of the surrounding areas and the wonderful nature of Kefalonia. In general, Kefalonia is one of the most interesting destinations, with countless routes for walkers and cyclists alike.

The inhabitants are mainly engaged in tourism (as in most parts of the island), but also in stock raising. They also produce, among other things, the exquisite Pylaros feta cheese.

Some of attractions of the area include: the eponymous church of Agia Efimia, the monastery of Panagia Thematas, of the 11th century, on the mountain of Agia Dynati, and the mosaic of a villa of the Roman times.