Melissani Cave

This impressive cave actually forms a cenote, i.e.a sinkhole that has resulted after huge chunks of limestone bedrock collapsed, leaving most of the bedrock cap almost intact except for its very top. Sea water partially came in and, in time, mixed up with fresh water.

Today, the brackish water reflects the sun rays from the top of the cavern, creating many grades of blue and turquoise colours mixing together in an amazing blend. The total length of the cave reaches the 3.5 km and its maximum height is about 36 metres.

During antiquity cave Melissani also served as a place of worship. Archaeologists have discovered a sanctuary dedicated to Pan on an islet found in the in the lake. As folklore has it, Nymph Melissani took her own life out of despair as her love for Pan remained unanswered. All findings have been moved to the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli.

Visits to the cave take place the entire tourist season. They are guided boat tours that occur regularly during the day so that visitors from all over the world can enjoy this geological phenomenon. The trip will take you close to the stalactites and into the cave lake where you can swim in the cool water or just take the most amazing photos. The cave is located close to Karavomylos.